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The strategies that Studio Ovata offers for you on branding and creating brand value;

Branding; It is a marketing practice that helps differentiate the products and services of a differentiated idea or business by potential customers. Branding often involves establishing mission elements, which are a formal summary of their identity, values, and goals that are consistent throughout the marketing communication cycle.

The whole of the works that represent your company's stance inside or outside the company, that allows your brand to be recognized at a glance and that makes it more clearly distinguishable from its competitors, are referred to as "corporate identity design studies".


Corporate identity; Starting from your logo and corporate colors, it includes the special design of all corporate materials you need such as business cards, letterheads, files, box design, thank you cards, signboards. We help you grow your business and establish lasting relationships with your customers by reinforcing our design work to be created for your corporate identity with our brand consultancy service.

To your current and potential customers; Fixing the messages and information you want to convey about your brand, expertise, products and services on your website, which is a 24/7 accessible platform, will strengthen your customers' trust in your business. By following the behavior of users visiting your website, creating advertising campaigns in line with your customers' consumption habits will increase your sales. We offer you two alternative solutions: updating the design and panels on your existing website or setting up a website from scratch.

Our social media management service; It consists of the processes of planning, creating, analyzing, reporting and interacting with the content published on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Supporting these tools and services with collaborations with social content creators who have the power to influence the masses will actively bring the messages your brand wants to convey to the attention of the target audience and add awareness to your brand. (Influencer marketing)

Ads served with Google Adwords studies; It is a very effective tool for showing the right audience by considering the age, location and language of the audience you are targeting. The keywords that perform best for your brand are determined. In this way, your brand; It is displayed not by everyone, but by your potential customers, and the budget you allocate for your ads will be used more efficiently.

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