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Discover our branding training designed to improve your marketing skills in your education life or to help you achieve your goals in your business life. In this training, you will have the opportunity to learn how to make a special design for your brand in the Canva application, while providing useful information about your brand making a difference in the sector, increasing your awareness in the digital media and the sales performance of your products.
Take the opportunity to specialize in a total of 8 hours.


1.  To increase sales/customers in the industry and in the digital world:

•  Market analysis
•  Recognition of brand identity
•  Determination of target audience
•  Consumer behavior analysis

2.  Defining the right brand strategy

•   Understanding the purpose of the brand
•  Competitor analysis and brand positioning
•  Continuing brand loyalty

3.  Increasing brand awareness and creating awareness in the market

•  Determining the color of the brand to increase the attractiveness of the brand in corporate identity designs
•  Discovering the color palette that can be used from printed materials to digital media
•  Canva tutorial

*A certificate of participation will be given at the end of the training.

Course Application
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Mentor:  Seda Kipel Türkay


I would like to share with you how my interest in Marketing started, why I chose to specialize in this subject and why I am excited to follow the developments. During my university education in Industrial Engineering, the studies carried out to analyze customer behaviors, to understand the parameters that affect the purchasing decision, and to reach the brand in an impressive position in the eyes of the customers began to attract my attention. Afterwards, I decided to complete my master's education on Marketing and Supply chain management, because in fact, the story of a brand starts from the selection of raw materials necessary for the production of products, to the selection of the logistics network to ensure the use of the customer. In this context, it is important that all steps are chosen in accordance with the positioning of the brand in the market. I would be happy to help your brand by sharing my education life, the projects I took part in and my experiences in the light of my career.

​*In my education life, we had a special project development thesis for Body Shop's production center in England. I took part in the project to prevent paper consumption due to the fact that customers do not recycle their boxes as a result of online shopping at The Body Shop UK store. As a solution, we presented the launch of a box collection campaign to match the cost of the gift product. In the box collection process, while the Body Shop's own couriers deliver the products, we designed a cycle about how they help protect the balance of nature by organizing the box purchase from the customers and in return for the boxes. As a result of the implementation of our project, it was observed that after 1 year, customers' brand addictions increased and they shopped more from more websites.

* In my Franke Product Manager work experience, while the brand was known for kitchen products until then, I had responsibility for bathroom products that will join the new market. I had responsibilities such as the presentation of the product, determination of its prices, calculation of sales-profitability, logo design, fair/event organization, how it will be positioned at the fairs and how it will be displayed in the store concepts, the design process with the architects, the preparation of online offline promotional materials, the preparation of the texts of the website. I took an active role in determining the point where the products make a difference and ensuring their sale.

* In my Franke Corporate Communications work experience, I managed influencer (such as Ajda Pekkan, Pelin Karahan) and sponsorship projects. In addition, my responsibilities included the launch process of Frames By Franke products, brochure design, promotional video script writing and shooting, how they would be displayed in the Info Center and sales channel dealerships, and the training of the product to the relevant authorities.

* I performed the duty of brand consultancy in order to support the sales of BASI System Pilates equipment company abroad. Activities required for the promotion of related products, website/corporate identity designs and preparation of texts suitable for the brand language were among my responsibilities.

For more information, please click on the Linkedin link above.

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