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User Agreement

This User Agreement is a text that shows that we have agreed in accordance with some important legal terms that will apply to everyone who visits our website, becomes a member, or uses our services. In addition to protecting you and ourselves, it is important that you read this text so that we can provide our services with the most accurate methods for everyone.

This Website ("") User Agreement ("User Agreement"), On the one hand;
Between the Service Provider Studio Ovata and the real or legal person who logs in and/or becomes a member of the Website (hereinafter referred to as the "User" in the Agreement), for the User to use the Website, in the electronic environment where the Website is located It is edited at the time of approval by the user.
The term "User" refers to any person who logs in or enters the Site in any way and for any purpose, or who has or is currently exchanging electronic data on the Site.

The subject of the User Agreement is the determination of the services offered on the Website, the terms of benefiting from these Services, and the rights and obligations of the parties.
The scope of the User Agreement is the User Agreement and its annexes, and all statements such as warnings, texts, and explanations made by Studio Ovata regarding the use, membership, and Services on the Website.
The changes that Studio Ovata will make on the Site Usage Agreement come into effect upon their publication on the Site, and these changes, when the User enters the Website and/or as a member takes place on the platform, he/she has read the entire Usage Agreement, understood its content completely and accepts and declares its approval.
For this reason, the use of the Site by Users and Members is subject to the following terms and conditions and we ask all our Users to read the following instructions before using the Site.

Service Provided
Studio Ovata offers its users who have approved the contract, providing information about their services in an electronic environment, obtaining memberships for all their services, allowing them to shop, and various communication services (ordering gift packages, receiving special production orders, requesting announcements, requesting promotional notifications, etc.) presents.
Including the User Agreement, Studio Ovata reserves the right to change this website and all services, products, ideas, and works of art, all information and data provided within the scope of this website extension without any prior notice or notice. However, Studio Ovata reserves the right to suspend, completely cease and rearrange the broadcast of the website offered to Users within the scope of its service.

Studio Ovata members are real or legal persons who have completed the Membership Form completely and whose membership is approved by Studio Ovata. It is accepted that all the information provided by the Members during the registration or in the transactions made by the Users without a Member is correct and belonging to the User. The e-mail address used during membership is unique to the member and can only be used to create a membership; You cannot have more than one membership with the same e-mail address. The "Password" is known only by the User. User can change the password whenever wants to. The selection and password is the user's responsibility to protect all. Studio Ovata is not responsible for any problems arising from password usage.

Intellectual Property Rights
The name Studio Ovata, the website area and the social media platforms where the site is located; All kinds of copyrighted materials such as images, sounds, slogans, signs, pictures, sub-brands, information, computer software, technical and electronic data, whether registered and/or registrable or not, or these materials created on these platforms including any other content that is or may be subject to any copyright under any applicable law; All kinds of content, sales system, business method and business model that distinguish the Studio Ovata brand from other brands and are a part of its identity are exclusively owned by Studio Ovata, and Studio Ovata is the owner or licensee of the intellectual and industrial property rights and is under legal protection.
No Materials available on the website; It may not be altered, copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded to another computer, mailed, transmitted, presented, or distributed, even in part, including code and software, without prior permission and reference. The whole or part of the website cannot be used on another website without permission. On the contrary, actions require legal and criminal liability in accordance with Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works.
Users accept, declare, and undertake not to infringe any and all Intellectual Property Rights of Studio Ovata and other Users on the Website.


4.1. User's Rights and Obligations

4.1.1. The users accept, declare, and undertake that the information and content provided by them within the website are correct and lawful. Studio Ovata is not obliged or liable to investigate the accuracy of the information and content transmitted by the Users or uploaded, changed, or provided by them on the Website, to undertake and guarantee that such information and content are safe, accurate and lawful, and It cannot be held responsible for any damages arising from being wrong or wrong.

4.1.2. The issues related to the security, storage, keeping away from the information of third parties and the use of the means of access to the system (User name, password, etc.) used by the Users in order to benefit from the Services offered by Studio Ovata are entirely under the responsibility of the Users. Any liability of Studio Ovata, directly or indirectly, for the damages that the Users and/or third parties have suffered or may suffer due to all their negligence and faults in matters such as the security, storage, keeping away from third parties 'information, use of the users' login tools is not born.

4.1.3. Users threatening, immoral, racist, Turkey Act and not to send international agreements contrary to messages, media added correspondence, titles, nicknames public morality, manners and to be in accordance with the law, act in a manner that would affect the use of the services of other users whether or not the names of the person or institution not to publish, print, distribute, advertise, sell or offer to sell any goods or services, or engage in activities such as surveys or contests on behalf of Studio Ovata, which are defamatory, chewing, immoral, immoral, or illegal. .

4.1.4. The User shall not send any information or programs that may damage the information or software on the computer of other Users, any record or all of the materials obtained using Studio Ovata services are within the User's consent, the User's responsibility for any malfunctions, loss of information and other losses on his computer It undertakes not to claim compensation from Studio Ovata for damages that may be incurred due to the use of the service, and not to use Studio Ovata services for commercial or advertising purposes without obtaining permission from Studio Ovata.

4.1.5. Studio Ovata can monitor the entire system at any time or continuously, and if the members act against the rules, Studio Ovata has the right to take the necessary interventions, remove the member from service and terminate the membership.

4.1.6. The User may not disclose the confidential/private/commercial information of Studio Ovata to both the official authorities and the rightful persons, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Provisions and the provisions of the mandatory legislation in force, or in cases where it is alleged that the rights of other Users and third parties are violated. It accepts, declares, and undertakes that it will be authorized and that no compensation can be claimed from Studio Ovata under any name whatsoever.

4.1.7. The user cannot transfer his rights and obligations under the User Agreement, partially or completely, to any third party without the written consent of Studio Ovata.

4.1.8. The user will be able to make use of the service on the system or make the purchase via a valid credit card or by money order. He accepts that he cannot make purchases from the system when the credit card validity is not approved or the eft/money transfer transaction is not performed. If the user pays with the information of the person who does not belong to him during the shopping and the payment is approved by the relevant bank, the responsibility does not belong to Studio Ovata. In the event that any product related to the service received by the user is delivered, the product may not be delivered to them unless they sign that they have to show a valid ID card, allow the relevant identification information to be recorded and sign in the relevant places if requested during the product delivery, If it is received, the person who receives the product accepts and undertakes that the person who delivers the product to him on behalf of Studio Ovata has to sign the document that "recognizes the person who sent the product to him", and that if the document is not signed, the product may not be delivered and therefore the order will not be fulfilled.

4.2. Rights Obligations of Studio Ovata

4.2.1. Including this User Agreement, Studio Ovata, to change the services, products, ideas, and works of art, any information, and data presented to you within the scope of the Site and the extension platforms of the Site without the need for any prior notice or notice; reserves the right to suspend broadcasting, completely cease broadcasting, and reorganize the Site in the broadest scope. Studio Ovata will not be liable to its members or to third parties due to the temporary suspension or complete cessation of the system. The e-mail address and password entered by the user during registration will be displayed and approved after filling the application fields to be submitted to the client by Studio Ovata. Studio Ovata can permanently prevent customers who have filled all fields or customers who are connecting even though they have a password, from having a new password or using their password.

4.2.2. Studio Ovata does not guarantee that its services will be provided in a timely, secure, and error-free manner, that the results obtained from the use of the service are accurate and reliable, and that the service quality will meet the expectations.

4.2.3. Studio Ovata produces and/or purchases information, documents, software, designs, graphics, etc. has the copyrights of the works arising from ownership and ownership.

4.2.4. Studio Ovata's sales are limited to its own stocks. Studio Ovata may not deliver products that do not have stock, cancel the order, and return the order amount to the customer account.

4.2.5. By displaying the products on the Site, Studio Ovata does not guarantee that the products are in stock.

4.2.6. Studio Ovata provides the necessary communication, promotion, delivery of goods, advertisement, etc. to content providers and users of web services of personal information transmitted by the member. It is fully authorized to use it for commercial purposes.

4.2.7. Studio Ovata may support the companies that have products within Studio Ovata to carry out all kinds of advertising and promotion activities towards the customer, using the customer information within Studio Ovata or carry out these activities without the consent of the customer.

4.2.8. The obligation to change the price and product specification information of the products offered for sale in Studio Ovata belongs to Studio Ovata. If an error occurs in the price and product specification information, Studio Ovata can deliver the product to correct the error or cancel the order and return the order amount to the customer account.

4.2.9. Studio Ovata may make changes in the application of this contract as well as change the existing articles or add new articles in order to comply with the technical requirements and legislation that may arise in the future. In this case, the member must approve the contract changes by clicking the relevant button in order to benefit from the services.

4.2.10. Studio Ovata services that do not require membership can be transformed into a subscription situation over time. Studio Ovata may open additional services, partially or completely change some of its services, or convert them into paid ones.

During the term of the contract, Studio Ovata may cancel the agreement with the contracted cargoes, if any, or change the relevant cargo company. The terms set for the delivery of the products with "free delivery" may be changed or canceled by Studio Ovata during the term of this Agreement. Products ordered under the relevant conditions will not be affected by this change. Details regarding the delivery will be kept up-to-date on the Site homepage.

Studio Ovata attaches importance to the processing, security, and protection of the personal data provided to us through the Website in order for the User to benefit from the Services offered on the Site, in accordance with all kinds of legislation, including the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698. In this context, the personal data provided by the Member can be collected, used, transferred, and processed in other ways in accordance with our detailed explanations on the Protection of Personal Data in accordance with the Privacy Policy on the homepage of our website The Privacy Policy and the Text of Protection of Personal Data are an integral part of this User Agreement.
By making use of the Services and/or creating an account, the user consents to the collection, use, transfer, and other processing of his personal data as specified in the Privacy Policy, in an open and free will.

This User Agreement will remain in effect as long as the user logs into the Website and/or becomes a member, and will continue to have terms and consequences between the parties; In the event that the user's membership period expires or the membership is suspended temporarily or permanently, it will be deemed to have ended. Studio Ovata may unilaterally terminate the User Agreement if the Users violate this User Agreement and/or similar rules regarding membership and Services on the Website, and the Users, due to termination, Studio Ovata will be liable to indemnify all direct or indirect damages incurred.
STUDIO OVATA may terminate this contract without notice or transfer it partially or completely at any time. The transfer of the contract by the user or member is null and void.

In all cases legally deemed force majeure, Studio Ovata is not responsible for the late or incomplete performance or non-performance of any of the actions specified in this Agreement. In cases of force majeure; delay, incomplete performance or non-performance, or default will not be deemed or the User will not be able to claim compensation under any name from Studio Ovata for such cases. Force majeure term; Natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, cyber-attacks, communication problems, infrastructure and internet malfunctions, cyber-attacks, system-related improvement or renewal work, and failures that may occur due to this, including but not limited to power outages and bad weather conditions It will be interpreted as unavoidable events that are beyond the reasonable control of Studio Ovata and that cannot be avoided despite proper care.


Studio Ovata User will communicate with the User via the e-mail address that the User has notified while registering, or by making a call to the phone number and sending an SMS. The member is obliged to keep his e-mail address and telephone number up-to-date.


This User Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties on the subject. If any provision of this User Agreement is determined by any competent court, arbitration tribunal, or administrative authority to be totally or partially invalid or unenforceable or unreasonable, this User Agreement shall be deemed severable to the extent of such invalidity, inapplicability, or unreasonableness; and other provisions will remain in full force and effect.

Istanbul Courts and Execution Directorates will be authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise from the implementation of this contract.


In relation to the contact information and other personal information obtained under this permission/law and all kinds of non-personal information about all my product-service purchases, visits to sites and purchases from here;; STUDIO OVATA and its business partners, successors, service providers-suppliers (including social media-networks and online advertising network operators) and their designated third parties/organizations for the purpose of processing, and for legal reasons related to the realization of consumer rights, customer/Member Services and commercial-financial and civil liability-obligations related to the product-services I need/interested in, both generic and customized product and service and benefit from the facilities to find any product you need service advertising, advertising, communication, promotion, sales, marketing, credit card and membership/user processes, information, and applications with the purpose of making a first name, last name, nickname, age, date of birth, gender, marital status, date of marriage, owned transportation, living area, address and delivery address, education level, career/business, cultural, artistic, sporting, holiday, etc. interests-demographic member/user information such as hobbies and habits, private-official ID, ID no. and tax information, photos, (for security purposes) image records and audio recordings of interviews with our company, relevant comments, campaign, contest, survey, etc.content s billing, content, methods of payment, except for confidential information such as passwords and card account information, Old and new mobile/home/work phone/fax numbers, mail addresses, electronic, commercial, and miscellaneous communications approach to actions, which are used for a variety of purposes in fixed and mobile device name(s), type, model and codes, cookies, marks web browser information, IP, wired-wireless network connection information, etc.), advertising identifier information, Social Media profile and account information-operations with my personal knowledge of location data is partially/completely any automated/non-supply method, acquisition, and do not exceed the maximum legal period are processed according to the nature of the information to be provided in accordance with the purposes for a period at home and abroad, writing/magnetic be saved to the archive, storage, preservation, storage, can be obtained by making, using, updating, modification, consolidation, reorganization, for classification, disclosure, sharing, transfer, transfer, destruction and other surrogates as of the persons/organizations mentioned above, I expressly authorize, informed of all my relevant legal rights.

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