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Shipment Policy

The products will be shipped within 7 days upon ordering.

The "Add to Cart" button means that the products that are active are in stock or open to supply. In case of supplier company stock problems that may be encountered rarely, you will be informed via your contact phone or e-mail. Completely fill in your information for us to reach you.

In the event that the products are not available, the right to withdraw from the sale is reserved. If this situation occurs for some products in the basket; The difference is refunded within 7 working days following the receipt of the account information from the customer. If the payment is made by credit card, the refund will be made to the credit card. Studio Ovata cannot be held responsible for any delay that may arise from bank transactions. In general, refunds are reflected in credit cards within 72 hours due to offsetting between banks.

If there is no color and size option in the sub-description of the product you ordered, or if there is no choice or explanation about the color as a piece of additional information in the order note section, the product that is in stock is sent. Accessories placed on the product photos as decorative are not included in the product prices. Products with accessory gifts are specifically mentioned in the product description.

In order for your order to reach you as quickly as possible, please write your address information as clearly as possible. In terms of security, notified delivery is not made from cargo.

Open the package you received from the cargo next to the cargo officer and check your order. If you see any inaccuracies or deficiencies, please contact us immediately. Do not take faulty or problematic cargo. We will do whatever is necessary for damaged products that you have notified us of within 2 hours after receiving your cargo.
Open the package you received from the cargo next to the cargo officer and check your order. If there is a problem with your product during transportation, make a "damage assessment report" and return it to the cargo officer.

Return Policy

The purchased product must be sent in the same package. If the customer does not wish to use any of the free return methods available, he or she must pay the return costs. If the customer wishes to return the products with the buyer payment, he/she may be responsible for the related costs. After the products are examined by Studio Ovata, it will inform the Customer whether the Customer has the right to repay the amounts paid. The refund is made when the right of withdrawal is used within the legal period and all products that make up the relevant package are returned. The refund will be made as soon as possible and, in any event, within fourteen (14) days from the date the intention of withdrawal is notified to Studio Ovata. Refunds are always made using the payment method used in the purchase. The Customer is responsible for the risks of returning the products to us as stated above.

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